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Join Sailormoonland! [01 Jun 2011|10:33pm]


Come join sailormoonland ! Everyone is in one of three teams- Inners, Outers, or Chaos. We participate in writing challenges, media challenges, and games. It's lots of fun!


You also get lovely sigtags!

Tell them Kelli//serenemiss sent you ♥ :)
henshin yo!

dump [27 Nov 2009|06:29pm]

72 icons:

57 Sailor Moon
8 Fullmetal Alchemist
6 Chobits
3 Misc


Click for icons ;) @ kaelienl
henshin yo!

icon dump 4 [13 Jul 2009|05:25pm]

58 Sailor Moon


(This way...)
henshin yo!

Sailor Moon Kink Meme [31 May 2009|03:51am]

henshin yo!

Icon dump! [14 May 2009|08:12pm]

Icon dump!

35 Sailor Moon


henshin yo!

Sailor Moon Fanswap [17 Jan 2009|03:35pm]

The mods are welcome to delete this if it is against the rules.


Sailor Moon Fanswap is a fanfic/fanart exchange for the writers and artists of Sailor Moon! The Fanswap is an annual event in it's first year, and we're all working very hard to make sure it's a success. If you're interested in contributing or just viewing the goodies once they're posted, please feel free to join the community. We hope to see you there.
henshin yo!

Looking for... [29 Nov 2008|09:50pm]

Pardon me, but I am currently writing a paper for an anime class. I am looking for any essays that were written in or out of fandom regarding friendship or the individual in Sailor Moon. If anyone would be willing to link me to anything written regarding the above, I would be greatly appreciative. Sorry to bother you.
henshin yo!

Hi hi [13 Mar 2008|11:12am]

Just wanted to drop in and say hi, it looks like a nice community ^^ If you want to read the manga I have the entire series scanned along with my own scanlations of Parallel Sailormoon for download over at Neo Nobility. If you wish to read the newly reprinted released scanlations you can read them online at Onemanga.com

And just a few Sailorvenus icons I made...


henshin yo!

[13 Mar 2008|01:15pm]

Icon dump :)

50 Sailor Moon


( this way )
henshin yo!

[16 Jun 2007|01:39pm]

Hello, fellow bssmmanga lovers. I'm a brand new member as of today.. this commmunity is  lacking in posts lately.... so I pose an interactive question to all:

What is your favorite manga pictures (from the manga, not artbooks?)

here are some of mine...they are pretty big...

henshin yo!

Question! [25 Apr 2007|02:35am]

[ mood | awake ]

Ok, I bought like the Mixx? comics, and was happy to get like the first few volumes, but when I opened the first volume up expecting to be reading the very beginning of sailor moon...the story was already like in the middle of the first like battle?? Could anyone fill me in why #1 starts sort of in the middle of the story or did I get a bad copy? x.x I thought those ran 1-33? I'd really appreciate some help figuring this out, thanks!


[6henshin yo!

sm icon [09 Apr 2007|10:51pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Some Sailormoon icons that can be found @ my graphics journal. Enjoy and credit please.

Sailormoon = 31


and you say that you love me
[2henshin yo!

Hello! ^^ [26 Feb 2007|02:26am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

On the same vein as thepinkangel I really glad to see a manga centred site/community/page? Rawr. >.<



Nothing more to say really. *rubs head sheepishly*

*yawns* Meh, time for bed.

[2henshin yo!

[22 Nov 2006|01:50pm]

[02] Aishiteruze Baby
[01] Bleach
[01] Card Captor Sakura
[04] Gokinjo Monogatari
[11] Naruto
[06] One Piece
[11] Ouran High School Host Club
[09] Sailor Moon
[01] Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
[01] x1999
[02] Real People

(Over here!)

Almost all of them are of Sailor/Princess Kakyuu ^_^

x-posted to many places. Sorry for the spamming! x__X
henshin yo!

[01 Nov 2006|03:14pm]


Username: napkiin
Category: Comics/Manga
Sub-category: Sailor Moon
Subject: Tsukino, Usagi
Image URL: Here
Set of rules used: Standard

(Don't worry, be happy)

Fake-cut over @ shihitsu
henshin yo!

icons post [11 Oct 2006|04:57pm]

I never did a formal introduction, so I would like to make everyone aware of the new co-owner of shinyland, one of my best friends ever, anjichan. We'll be eagerly awaiting her icon post. ♥ Anyway, this month is both Achan's and my birthdays (actually, today is mine). Also, the long awaited Perfect World 7 has recently been released. So I decided to make an icon post in celebration of all these things. There aren't as many icons as I would have liked, but this'll have to do.

Total x36
Stock Photos x5
Rose of Versailles x2
Sailor Moon x3
More Starlight To Your Heart x1
Mermaid Forest x1
Inuyasha x5
Gekka no Kimi x4
Ayashi no Ceres x1
Genbu Kaiden x15

( follow the fake lj-cut to the party )

Feel free to use them! All I ask is that you credit shinyland or ladyshiny.
henshin yo!

Hello [30 Sep 2006|12:05pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I have a quick question. Dose anybody know were I can get the manga or manga scans? I lost mine in shiping when we moved... and I miss them :(

[2henshin yo!

Hi! [04 Jun 2006|07:00am]

[ mood | creative ]

*sigh* I'm so happy. I found a community that's totally manga exclusive :')

I'm such a manga purist, it's not even funny XD I love the manga so much, and hate the anime because of how it killed much of the original story and characters that we know and love (Rei the boy chaser? Come ON!).
I can't wait to discuss stuff with you guys :D

1) Discuss: one thing I like about Sailor Moon is how it doesn't really go into the characters' lives outside of being Senshi, and doesn't really openly describe their relationships with each other. Its left up to you to figure out and interpret, but there's plenty of contextual evidence for certain friendships. What are friendships you think are happening? Any characteristics about the characters that are never shown, but you feel are there? Give evidence.

2. Just thought I'd show everyone the art challenge I'm working on, which is totally manga-based :)
It's the first table you see.

If you see this x-posted, I will be impressed!

[2henshin yo!

iconness! [06 May 2006|09:44pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Alas! I bring icons! Oh woe! Anyway. This post features both old school and new series! Oh my! Just credit and comment if taking, please. XD

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzamiya x2
Ouran Host Club x1
Sailor Moon x7

oh me oh myCollapse )
henshin yo!

[08 Jan 2006|10:07pm]

I'm looking for a Sailor Mercury friends only banner. Anybody got some?
[3henshin yo!

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